When it comes to fitness (like most things), there’s simply no substitute for personalized, expert advice.

Let one of our certified personal trainers get you to the next level.

Whether you prefer land-based exercise or water workouts, our trainers will customize a plan based on your lifestyle—whether you're a working professional, full time mom, athlete or active older adult.

Whether you’re new to exercising or wanting to take your fitness to the next level, our YMCA Personal Training Program will get you results, guiding you through each exercise and offering feedback, motivation, and accountability.

For more information, Contact Vicky Stevers, Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator at [email protected]

Individual Personal Training

Create a personalized program with your personal trainer who will  support you with coaching and motivation to help you live, look and feel better.

One (1) one-hour Session $30
Five (5) one-hour Sessions $145
ten (10) one-hours Sessions $275

Adam Guerrero
Adam GuerreroCertified Personal Trainer[email protected]
More About Adam

Adam's specialty is in strength and muscle building by programming workouts based on your goals. Adam coaches a majority of his clients with basic barbell movements to improve overall strength and muscle. He enjoys helping people make long lasting habit changes that apply to their day to day lifestyle.

Jill CathermanCertified Personal Trainer[email protected]
Demetrius Clark
Demetrius ClarkCertified Personal Trainer[email protected]
More About Demetrius

Demetrius's specialties include:

  • Sprint Technique
  • Corrective Exercise
  • RPR
  • Video Analysis
  • Speed Agility Quickness
Vicky SteversCertified Personal Trainer[email protected]